I wouldn’t have it any other way…


One of my best friends Ryan and I prayed the night before the sonogram. As we prayed he began talk about how tomorrow was going to be a day of stretching. He said that he saw an image of me like a runner stretching and that on my shirt he saw some numbers. As Ryan prayed I felt like I knew what the numbers were they were 37:4. I know these numbers well, they are the ones on the inside of my wedding ring, they are from Psalm 37:4.

Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

This is the passage that many years ago set me free to know and love God and not worry about my future. This is the concept that God needed me to get before He sent Theresa into my life. It’s one of my favorite verses… and after yesterday it is only more meaningful.

So, Theresa and I went ecstatically to our appointment yesterday and was almost immediately plugged into this super high-tech sonogram machine. Within the first few moments we were asked “Do you want to know what the sex is?” We said “yes!”. Then as we were all looking at the screen she wrote from the computer on the screen very slowly …..I…….AM…..A…………………………… GIRL.

Over the next few minutes T and I were in a form of shock. We had both were kind of expecting a boy. Many friends have spoke of our child as a boy. Only 2 folks even thought that it might be a girl. So for about 2 minutes I was disappointed, then the mightiest flood of joy and compassion flooded over my heart for my daughter…. she has already won my heart.

So here I am a day later considering all these things. Thinking about names and such, but mostly overwhelmed by how much I needed this little girl. Something inside me really wanted and needed a girl right now, more than a boy. I can’t explain it, I thought I wanted a boy…. but God is fulfilling the desires of my heart. And my heart is overwhelmed right now with love and emotion. So, here we go, my sweet little daughter is going to ruin my heart with love from here on out. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My sweet little girl, you ma’am, are welcome here.



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