My precious girl,



You, my darling, are making me a mama.

It’s incredible to feel you making your presence known in my little world these days. Sometimes it feels like you’re drop-kicking me from the inside, other times, it feels like you’re tickling or poking me, just to say “hello”. I feel my heart growing too. My heart was already so full of love and anticipation for you and your little life, just knowing that you were inside of me, but finding out that you’re a girl–WOW. My heart is overwhelmed with the goodness of God–how he’s knitting you together INSIDE of me.

You have been so eagerly anticipated for such a long time, sweet girl. Your daddy and I have talked and dreamed about you. When we felt like we were finally ready to be your parents, or rather that we couldn’t go another second without being your parents, we let loose of all the fears, dreams, worries, thoughts, and concerns and asked that God would make you perfectly and in His time. His timing was much faster than I thought–within a few months I knew something was up. For a few weeks, I was too scared to think what I was feeling was real. I worried and thought about all the “what if’s…” I was driving home from work one afternoon when I felt God’s words whisper in my heart…

“Would you quit worrying about it?”

A few days later, I woke up on my stomach and my first thought was “There’s something in there…” Over and over, the Lord sent his comfort and eased my worried mind. All of the sudden, I wasn’t sure I was ready. I didn’t feel up to the task. We finally went to the doctor a little after Thanksgiving and he confirmed all our dearest hopes. Something about that official word made you very real. We kept you a secret for a few weeks until Christmas–knowing you were coming was the best Christmas present we’ve ever given!

You are so dearly loved already. You have your daddy’s and my family that have loved you from before you were even inside of me. You wouldn’t believe the adopted “aunts” and “uncles” that are going to spoil you rotten and love you until you can’t handle it. Most of all, your Daddy and I love you. Every morning, he says good morning to you. I know he is praying for you, as I am. We love you so much, little one, that we’re going to try our best to let the Lord raise you up, teach you about Him and His great love for you and how he wants to love others through you. We are so blessed to be your parents, and we will do our best to love you and care for you well.

I love you.

~Your mama


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  1. Theresa – that was the most dear and comforting feelings about your and Jason’s insight to your precious little girl. I am so thrilled about the sonagram seeing your baby’s active existance and pretty face that I watch it every day. I can’t wait to see her. Love, Nana

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