Thoughts on Registering


Yesterday, Jason and I had lunch with a dear friend, Joy, and her 6 month old baby, Eva. After lunch, just because I had enough energy (and if I’ve learned anything the last few months, it’s to tackle things when I have the motivation) Joy and I decided to stop by Buy Buy Baby to look around and possibly start registering. Jason (wisely) told us girls to have fun and enjoyed a restful afternoon at home. 🙂

Having Joy there was so helpful, especially since she registered and has been using many of the gifts so recently with such a young daughter. She basically told me which things were helpful, which things were fun, and which things were a total waste of space and money. Her advice took the guesswork out of choosing from the massive selection of products and gadgets, many of which I had no idea even existed.

We managed to fill up the cart with this and that. Though with the generosity of many friends already, it seems as if we won’t need to get many of the “big ticket” items–a crib, car seat, stroller, bouncy seat, possibly a swing–from a retail store. What a blessing! Regardless, we found plenty in the store to add to the registry!

Joy has been using a cloth diaper service here in Charlotte, Ivy’s Diaper Service, and highly recommends it. I’ve been considering cloth diapering versus disposable diapers for a while. Many of my friends cloth diaper for various reasons (to save money, to keep diapers out of landfills) and I have friends that use disposable diapers simply for the convenience. I understand both perspectives and feel that while using a diapering service does cost money (Ivy’s has a $14/week service for what they call a “dalmatian diaper”, which are perfectly clean diapers that have been stained by previous babies + the up front cost of buying the covers), it isn’t nearly as expensive as disposable diapers in the long run and I like the idea of the natural cotton lining on Baby G’s bottom and re-using resources instead of throwing so much waste away. AND I don’t mind that someone else gets to wash all those diapers instead of Jason and I! Also, it’s pretty neat that they have a gift certificate section on the website where people can gift us with any amount they choose that can go toward either a week of service or covers! We’re still weighing our options and we’ll decide in the coming months.

I’ve had a quiet day at home today so I’ve been adding things to our Buy Buy Baby registry online,  and even popped over to Target’s website to start a Target registry. It’s just a start, but it feels good to start somewhere and to get a good start. I’m sure we’ll be able to continue to add items as we realize more what we need. I’m still looking for nursery decor–I haven’t found anything I love yet. Plus, J has pretty definitive opinions, and rightly so, with his artistic eye, so I’ll be glad for his input in our baby girl’s room. I’m looking forward to it being a cozy place of refuge and peace, where we can snuggle and read together. I can’t wait. 🙂

It’s so much fun to dream and plan for a little girl!


Updated 4/3/12: We FINALLY decided on a stroller we like and think will be most useful!
Originally, we thought we would buy a snap-n-go for the car seat AND a separate lightweight stroller but after we looked at some more options, we decided on the coordinating stroller for the car seat we already have. Unfortunately, that specific stroller doesn’t come by itself at either of the two stores where we’ve already registered, but we did find it online at Babies-R-Us, so I created a new registry there, but I’m only going to have the stroller on that one. It feels ridiculous to register with a store for one item, but we couldn’t figure out what else to do and still give someone the opportunity to buy the stroller we really like. This is all so complicated! There are so many choices!



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