22 weeks


ImageWe’re 22 weeks into this little one’s gestation. I have an app on my phone (what did we do before we had apps for everything?!) that gives me weekly updates about Baby G’s growth. At 21 weeks, she was as big as a spaghetti squash, weighed 1 pound, and measured 8 inches from her head to her rump. I love the vegetable comparisons. I’m only afraid that at some point the comparison will be to a watermelon! Ha!

I’ve felt her moving a lot more recently. Jason can only feel her moving every once in a while. We could see in the ultrasound a few weeks ago that she was quite a mover, and I’m believing it more and more. We might have a future soccer star on our hands–she can kick like a champ!

I’m loving elastic waistbands these days–the stretchier, the better! Some of my looser shirts still fit, but mostly, I’m wearing maternity stuff now. I’m on the lookout for a maternity bathings suit–I’m not entirely thrilled about the prospects, but I’m hopeful. I seriously SCORED at a church rummage sale yesterday. I saw the sign as I was coming home from breakfast with my dad and when my friend Susanna got to my house to hang out, we went investigating! They had tables and tables of kids clothing and a small room of maternity clothes, all hung up and categorized by size. I found quite a treasure! 5 or 6 shirts, a denim skirt, a cute knee-length cotton dress, and a sweet cardigan. The best part?! EVERYTHING WAS $1!! Even better, the woman that was helping me told me to bring things back as they stop fitting and I could exchange them for something that did fit! NO CHARGE! 🙂 I quite simply felt Jesus’ love for me in those moments of sifting through clothes. There’s no other explanation.

I was thinking the other day about a list a woman made of her honest wish list for a husband. I’m pretty sure my husband is everything I didn’t know I needed! Hindsight and the Lord’s knowledge of what we need, even when we don’t, is such a blessing. While I’m starting to feel like I know my baby girl, I know she will surprise me and surpass my every expectation.

My little love, I can’t wait to meet you–you just stay inside and keep getting bigger for a while longer. xoxo!



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