Letter to Baby Goodnight about Life



I hope this note finds you in a place you’re able to hear me. As much as I know our relationship will be a good one, I also know that in me being your parent you’ll likely tune me out at times. I hope today is not one of those times.

Two things that I want you to know that I have found to be most important in this life,  The first thing is that this world is broken and the second thing is that God is the best person you’ll ever know.

As you enter into the beauty of this world you’ll see the finger prints of God everywhere. You’ll see your mother and her gracefulness, the fragrance of the flowers, the beauty of the mountains and the calm of the seas- and you’ll be tempted to fall in love with the creation. Which is not a bad instinct. It’s only natural, most everyone has struggled with it or is in a struggle with it now. But what I’ve discovered and what you’ll soon discover is that the current order of our world is broken and is failing. You’ll see what I mean as you age, and are scarred, when you become heart broken, see my failures, and experience the dark parts of life. But don’t lose heart, there’s more I have to tell you…

Yet, God is good. As the Bible teaches in Genesis chapter three satan infiltrated God’s creation and broke up the order that God had set in place. Thus the broken world we live in. But God did not give up on His creation, He persevered and He Himself came to rescue us from the brokenness of creation. Becoming a human, and being subject to our brokenness so that He could restore right order between us and Him in His resurrection and in his gift of Holy Spirit. The Creator gave Himself for us so that we could know the source of all good things. And function in right relation, even though the world is still out of order. So that we could see the flowers and enjoy them because the created thing displays the goodness of the Creator.

ACG, your Creator loves you, more than me. And whatever you face whether I’m around or not, take comfort in Him. In this dark world He is the safe place. He is your point of reference. He will never fail you.

And I hope I will never fail you either, but I am just a creation. And are you.

So don’t take yourself or life too seriously, take your relationship with God seriously. It will make sense of all things. Nuture it, protect it, don’t be quick to show it off. It’s better off cultivated and kept in secret. There will still be difficulties in this life, but in Christ you will drive thru and rise above them. Promise.
With all my love,



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