(Almost) 32 weeks and our first shower!


This pregnancy is FLYING by! I’m sure it helps that the countdown to my due date and the countdown to the end of the school year are pretty close together! Only 1 more week with kiddos and then a few teacher work days, then we’re in the home stretch of just waiting for baby! The week by week tracker says that our little munchkin is about 19 inches long and weighs about 3.9 lbs. The last time I went for a check-up, the midwife could feel that her head was already down (Atta girl! Already an overachiever!) and that her rump was probably under my right ribs with her feet under my left ribs… She’s certainly putting those feet to good use! I can feel her moving around and kicking almost all the time now, but it’s rare that she kicks on command for Jason. I can’t wait for him to get to carry her around soon! She’s getting heavy!

We went to our first childbirth preparation class this week. It was the first of five class sessions. It was a shock to Jason’s sensitive ears to hear some of the intense childbirth-related vocabulary that was casually tossed around throughout our class. The general consensus of the mamas in the room when asked what we hope to get out of the class was “surviving childbirth”. Jason just wants to stay upright and conscious. We’re hoping for the best and praying for extra grace and courage. : )

My friends Joy and Jenny threw a beautiful shower for us today! (I was sure to take a shower before going to my shower–it reminded me of something out of a Amelia Bedelia book where she’s always mixing up figures of speech or misinterpreting the meaning of seemingly obvious meanings.) I felt literally showered with love! My friend Rula was a fabulous pitch-hitting photographer!


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  1. Hey there Mama Goodnight! I didn’t realize you had such a lovely blog to share your pregnancy adventures! Now that I found it I’ll be keeping up better! The comments under the pics are great, and one day little Acadia will be able to look back and realize how wonderfully excited her Mommy was to have her (I’m thinking that the best time to pull out these kinds of pics and comments is b/w ages 13-17 when those sweet hearts of ours unconsciously turn SOUR) πŸ˜‰

    Glad I could be there to help your friends shower you and looking forward to your posts.


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