Ducks aren’t the only creatures that waddle


*(I hate it when WordPress eats a draft mid-post… Attempt #2!)*

Hello 35 weeks!! I am SO thankful for these weeks to rest and nest like it’s my job since school has been out and before Acadia arrives. Jason would probably say that I’m nesting far more efficiently than resting. Slowing down has never been one of my strengths. Unless you count how slowly I’m waddling. At THAT, I’m a pro! 🙂

I finished out the school year with relative ease and minimal panic. The end of the year always manages to sneak up on me, and never more so than this year. I think I was in denial that I actually had to let those kiddos leave me for the summer. This class was really special. They were so concerned about the baby and me. Whenever I would have to sit to catch my breath, they would ask me if I was okay or fetch my trusty CamelBak bottle (water and sitting solves just about anything!). Just so so sweet. They helped me pack up the classroom as much as I could let them without feeling crazy. You can’t just let 18 darlings loose to “help” or you end up with mass chaos and things “put away” in such a way as to never find them. Ever again. I was able to pack up here and there while the kids were still there and really knock it out during the teacher work days. My mom was such a help once again. I swear she could pack and unpack my room for me at this point! She’s helped me every year I’ve been teaching–we’ve got it down to a science after 5 years! The lingering thought that I might not be back to unpack everything was a little daunting. With Acadia’s due date just a few weeks before teacher work days start, I’m not anticipating being up for that kind of outing just yet, but we’ll wait and see for sure.

One of the highlights of the workdays was the beautiful shower my team threw for me and Acadia. There was some serious love for that girl in the room–it was so sweet. I am so blessed to work with genuinely nice people that care about each other. A school can be a treacherous social nightmare with so many women in one work environment, but Barringer has some serious love. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to highly doubt that Acadia’s life will ever be captured with more technologically advanced equipment than an I-phone. I am highly inept at remembering a camera. Fortunately, my wonderful friend Lucy is a jack of all trades and managed to snap these great pictures!

The previous weekend, we had ANOTHER shower, which due to my inept camera remembering skills we didn’t get any pictures of, but it was lovely! My friend Lulu did a fabulous job pulling the whole thing off by herself AND after being at the beach for a week! Amazing!!

Our latest and greatest nursery addition is a finished home-made crib skirt!! I found a tutorial for The Easiest Crib Skirt Ever on a blog I’m now following, The View Along the Way, because the author, Kelly, is stinkin’ hilarious, a down-to-earth mama, and the kind of DIY’er I aspire to be (Read: figuring it out as she goes and making it look simple!) My friend Nancy coached me through my first sewing project of the curtains and lent me her sewing machine to make the crib skirt. I somehow managed to measure the crib, have Jason help me measure and cut the fabric, pin and hem the edges, all SOLO and without majorly screwing anything up! There was a brief and intense moment of sewing machine malfunction (those tiny threads don’t always stay where they’re supposed to!) which was easily solved by Nancy popping by to help me re-thread the machine and later that day my friend Kelsey happened to be here as I was finishing up and her 3 years of sewing classes as a kid really came in handy! She was able to help me replace the bobbin and even taught me how to pivot on the corner so I didn’t have to reset every time I needed to turn a corner. Who knew sewing could be so complicated AND so simple all at the same time!? SHEW!

In the last few weeks I’ve sorted all of her clothes by size and washed all the newborn outfits–they’re SO tiny, like little baby doll clothes!–and 0-3 months outfits and have them hung up and ready to go! I’m almost finished putting everything away from our showers and figuring out what we still need.

Jason’s most exciting purchase with the bounty of WONDERFUL gift cards we received was a video monitor. I wasn’t entirely sure we REALLY needed one, but ultimately, I think he’s right. In the long run, it will be nice to be able to see her without having to go in her room. Especially when she gets bigger. A cool feature is that you can buy additional cameras that can be viewed from the same receiver we already have.

We’re going to our last birthing class tonight. The first night, we watched an old school clip of a Bill Cosby stand-up routine in which he reflects on the birth of one of his children. My favorite part is when he says something along the lines of “Americans overanalyze and study something that happens naturally in the human body and has happened basically unassisted for countless years”. While I can appreciate the sentiment that this process is natural and I generally believe that my body DOES and WILL do exactly what it knows to do, since I have NO idea what that heck that is, I appreciate the additional insight into pregnancy, birth, and baby. If you have time, here’s the Bill Cosby clip!

5 weeks and COUNTING!! We’re almost ready, so pretty soon I’ll be saying “ANY DAY NOW, Miss Acadia!!”



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